Amanda Cats-Baril and Anne McGuinness: United for Women’s Empowerment | The Pollination Project

In collaboration with the Pollination Project, The WE United Project introduced WE Connect to build local and global communities of support through the development of networks and platforms to bring people together. The article below features our founders’ story about how WE United came into existence. 

Excerpt from the Pollination Project

“In 2014 Amanda Cats-Baril and Anne McGuinness were working in Nepal in the humanitarian sector when they met and decided to found The WE United Project. Anne grew up in Kathmandu and returned home in 2011, the same year that Amanda moved to Nepal from New York. Both have always loved playing sports and felt passionate about expanding the opportunity to other women and girls. 

The WE United Project is a women-led volunteer initiative founded on the belief that sport enables women and girls to develop social networks, physical strength, self-belief, and the confidence to fully participate in any sphere of life they choose. 

“WE believe participation in sport changes how women view themselves and how others view women; therefore, contributing to a broader agenda of women’s empowerment and equality,” Amanda said……”

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