The Company Coaching program uses football as a platform to empower women to become leaders and active participants in their workplace. Company Coaching is designed based on WE United’s belief that sport enables women and girls to develop social networks, physical strength, and confidence to fully participate in any sphere of life they choose. The WE United Project aims to develop teamwork, leadership, communication, confidence and even technical skills in women through futsal, with the help of experienced WE United certified female coaches.

WE United is committed above all else to women’s equality and empowerment; WE believe in the necessity of working towards these goals across different audiences and areas, which is why the program tries to not only provide safe spaces for play but also to empower women leaders and challenge stereotypes and cultural norms around women and their participation in sport. This is in line with our mission and belief in taking a holistic and conflict sensitive approach to women’s empowerment.

The overall goal of this program is to build confidence and skills, both on and off the field for women. In addition to the benefits the Company Coaching program will bring to any team, their participation will also allow WE United to create more opportunities for girls in Nepal to participate in sports.

WE Coach Nepal certified coaches run the desired number of sessions as per the company’s choice. These sessions include one to two hours of futsal skills, drills, game like play, and team bonding activities. Coaches plan sessions that meet the organization’s individual and team’s current skill level, so whether it’s their first time on the field or fiftieth, they will always leave, having learned something new.

The session has immensely helped us in the team building aspect of it all. It has also helped me to build self confidence in my daily life and professional life.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if your team wants to be part of this amazing Coaching program!