Anne McGuinness
Co-Founder & Director of Finance

Innovator, Connector, Problem Solver, Educator and Mentor for Youth-led Passion Projects

“Participating in sports can have physical and mental benefits. Being active helps me to de-stress and reconnect with my mind and body. I also love the social aspect of sports; I’ve made so many of my closest friends on the football field.”


Amanda Cats-Baril
Co-Founder & Director of Legal Affairs

Visionary, Platform Builder, Advocate for Equality and Empowerment Sustainability, Resource Mobilization and Risk Advisor

Arpana Pradhan
Director of Community Engagement & Research

Creator of Safe Spaces, Challenger of Gender Stereotypes, Data Nerd, Insight and Brand Strategist

“Sport is an effective platform to build leadership skills that we can transfer to other domains of life, be it personal or professional. Sports helped me build confidence, team spirit, resilience, and respect in myself, which are values that are not only central to sport but also to the pursuit of gender equality and women’s empowerment.” 

Silika Shakya
Program Director

Event & Communications Coordinator, Mahila Champion, Social Media Guru and Host of EXTRA TIME with WE United

“Sport has played a major role in my life and I wish others to benefit from it as well. I have picked up many important life skills through sport. It has especially taught me how to be a team player as well as a leader.”

Maura McGlynn
Head of Coaching Advancement

Curriculum Development Lead, Vulnerability Facilitator, Energizer, Coach of Coaches and Insight Officer

Throughout my life, the football field is consistently a place where I can tune in to the power of my body; it’s where I feel capable, confident, and at home.”