Re-picturing her : A photo exhibition in the Capital urges us to rethink and relook at women, and rearrange our image of them | The Himalayan Times

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2019, WE United collected a library of photos that paid testament to the impacts of engaging girls in sports—confidence, health, comradery, happiness, strength. The photographs in this Exhibition presented women as strong, empowered, competitive, fearless and skilled sportspersons. Images such as these are rarely seen in public space, where women are usually objectified or represented in a caring, home-maker role.  

The Himalayan Times covered the #RepictureWomen photo exhibition held in The Hub in Kathmandu.

Excerpt from The Himalayan Times

Females are usually considered physically weak in comparison to males. The photo exhibition ‘Repicture Women’ at The Hub, Thamel portrays the opposite.

Through 70 images, the exhibition that puts females in a different light, provokes one to ‘re-picture’ the stereotyped image of women.

Female athletes and their sportsmanship along with their female coaches are on the many frames at the exhibition organised by The We United Project and supported by European Union (EU). It features women playing or coaching different tournaments and leagues — the moments of women playing the game, dribbling a football, kicking some scores and even their celebrations have been captured.

“Girls are always perceived and expected to look pretty and flawless, but that is not the truth. Even commercials show girls in a typical manner but I am trying to break this stereotype and showcase that girls can do and be whatever they want through this photo exhibition,”

Amanda Cats-Baril, Director at The We United Project, informs of the objective of the exhibition.

As per her, they train female footballers, organise tournaments that “bring numerous girls together and provide a safe place for them to show their skills, show sportsmanship, cultivate competitiveness and desire to attain more”, and premier football leagues for more than five years, of which make the moments of the photo exhibition.

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