The WE United Project | ECS Living

The WE United Project was featured in ECS Living, a Nepali National Magazine, for the first time in 2019.

Excerpt from ECS Living

The WE United Project is a women-led initiative to empower women and girls through dynamic sport-based activities in Nepal. For the last five years, this project has built a network of strong and empowered women around our mission of encouraging competition for excellence. It calls for breaking down of social stereotypes and barriers, and facing the many challenges that they encounter.

Many women and girls are overloaded with responsibilities to their families and communities and often “empowerment” interventions can just add to these burdens. Sports, on the other hand, are a proven fun, voluntary and social way to experience empowerment. Participation in sports has many benefits—from encouraging healthier lifestyles and communication, to promoting self-confidence and leadership, and the social cohesion and solidarity that come from being part of a network. Beginning with hosting weekly Saturday Sessions (one-hour scrimmage games for women), The WE United Project realized the importance of creating safe spaces to impart life skills through sports.

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