The WE United Project has launched an all girls football academy in Kathmandu in hope of providing grassroots-level training for girls from an early age. WE United uses football as a platform to empower young women to become leaders and active participants in their local communities. WE United Academy, we believe is the first and only academy for girls, with female coaches in Kathmandu to focus on training girls, both as an athlete and as a leader.


The overall goal of this academy is to provide a healthy and safe space for young girls that encourages them to play, make friends, become active leaders, and challenge themselves through sports; and most importantly to have fun!


Having women coaches in sports is essential to engaging more girls in sports, especially those who may not feel as safe and comfortable on the field. Women coaches matter because they can also relate differently to young girls than men. Along with the players, we also found that the parents felt safe and comfortable seeing their daughters being coached by these coaches.

A coach/mentor can have a lifelong impact on the players and we, at WE United, want to create a positive and significant impact on our players and encourage them to pick any sport they want. Our academy isn’t just about building professional players, it is about building a community of girls and developing them into confident young women.

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you or anyone you know wants to be part of our Academy!