Mission statement

The WE United Project was co-founded by Amanda Cats-Baril and Anne McGuinness who shared a passion for soccer/football and recognized the impact that sport had on their personal and professional lives. Since its founding in 2014, the WE United family has expanded to include a wide network of female players and referees; volunteers; and local businesses that support women’s empowerment.     

The WE United Project is a women-led initiative founded on the belief that sport enables women and girls to develop social networks, physical strength, self-belief, and the confidence to fully participate in any sphere of life they choose. WE believe participation in sport changes how women view themselves and how others view women; therefore, contributing to a broader agenda of women’s empowerment and equality.

WE United provides intentionally-designed safe spaces for women’s empowerment through sport. Based on Women Win’s “Three As” theory of change, The WE United Project uses physical activity as an empowering tool to build assets, provide access to resources, and develop agency.

WE believe one win leads to another.

When women and girls are provided with opportunities to develop skills, experiences and relationships through sport, they are empowered to be confident leaders on and off the field. WE envision bringing women together to pave the way forward for other women’s empowerment.

what we do


Every Saturday, The WE United Project organizes friendly games for girls and women in Kathmandu. The games are open to all skill-levels and are meant to allow girls and women to build their understanding of the game and enhance their skills in a fun, competitive, yet supportive environment.


The Mahila Premier League, Kathmandu’s first women’s futsal league, provides girls and women with a professional and extensive platform to play, develop, and compete. Over the course of eight weeks, eight teams compete for the title of Kathmandu’s best women’s futsal team!


Our Dare to Shine program teaches young women to coach soccer. This is a collaborative project with the U.S. Embassy and The WE United Project. Using sports they will teach girls in their home communities about safe spaces, sportswomenship and the power of female voices.


WE United tournaments bring together 100+ women and girls of all skill-levels for one-day experiences designed to provide a safe space for women and girls to challenge themselves, engage in teamwork, display sportswomanship, and cultivate competitiveness and the desire to win.


Building connections, confidence, and solidarity among women and girls depends on creating opportunities and space within which women can grow. Please contact us if you share our vision and are interested in volunteering and/or partnering with The WE United Project.